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Seniors 2003
Seniors 2004
Seniors 2005
Seniors 2006


Certified Public Accountant
Wilkin & Guttenplan, P.C.
1200 Tices Lane
East Bruns, NJ 
2003 Sponsor
Beauty Supplies
Vatra Unisex Hair Salon
 580 Amboy Avenue
Woodbridge,  NJ 07095
2005 Sponsor
Gurney Electric
24 Hour Emerg. Service
Free Estimates
2006 Sponsor
Law Office
Manuel J. Almeida, Jr. 
800 Plaza  PO Box 255    
Sea Girt, NJ 08750 
2006 Sponsor
Certified Public Accountant
George Patrick Ryan
George was good friend of Woodbridge Football.
​Rest in Peace
2007 Sponsor
Dr. Edwin N. Galkin
711 Amboy Avenue 
Woodbridge, NJ
2007 Sponsor
Neves Jewelers
103 Main Street
Woodbridge, NJ
2007 Sponsor
Dr. Scott D. Galkin
711 Amboy Avenue
Woodbridge, NJ
732-636-2828  732-750-2600
2007 Sponsor
Seniors 2007
2004 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2005 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Brian Russo
5 Wins  -  5 Losses  -  0 Ties
179 PF (17.9 PG)  -  178 PA (17.8 PG)
Qualified for the NJSIAA Playoffs, Rd 1
Defeated the Colonia Patriots  14 - 8
2003 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2004 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Brian Russo
8 Wins  -  3 Losses  -  0 Ties
189 PF (17.2 PG)  -  168 PA (15.3 PG)
Qualified for the NJSIAA Playoffs, Rd 2
Defeated the Colonia Patriots  17 - 0
2005 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2006 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Brian Russo
3 Wins  -  7 Losses  -  0 Ties
157 PF (15.7 PG)  -  262 PA (26.2 PG)
DNQ for the NJSIAA Playoffs
Defeated by the Colonia Patriots  42 - 20
2006 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2007 - Seniors Players
Head Coach Brian Russo 
4 Wins  -  6 Losses  -  0 Ties
163 PF (16.3 PG)  -  174 PA (17.4 PG)
DNQ for the NJSIAA Playoffs
Defeated by the Colonia Patriots  20 - 18
2007 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2008 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Brian Russo
4 Wins  -  6 Losses  -  0 Ties
119 PF (11.9 PG)  -  197 PA (19.7 PG)
Qualified for the NJSIAA Playoffs, Rd 1
Defeated by the Colonia Patriots  28 - 13

2008 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2009 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Brian Russo
5 Wins  -  5 Losses  -  0 Ties
139 PF (13.9 PG)  -  159 PA (15.9 PG)
DNQ for the NJSIAA Playoffs
Defeated the Colonia Patriots  14 - 12

Seniors 2008

2009 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2010 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Brian Russo
6 Wins  -  5 Losses  -  0 Ties
178 PF (16.2 PG)  -  190 PA (17.3 PG)
Qualified for the NJSIAA Playoffs, Rd 2
Defeated the Colonia Patriots  19 - 6
Law Office
Gill & Chamas 
655 Florida Grive Road
Woodbridge, NJ
2009 Sponsor
Auto Body Repairs
Lee's Auto Body Inc.
1100 St George Avenue
Avenel, NJ
2009 Sponsor
Bail Bonds
213 New Brunswick Ave.
Hopelawn, NJ 08861
2008 Sponsor
Seniors 2009
Woodbridge Machine-Tool Co.
259 Bergen St
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
2009 Sponsor

2010 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2011 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Brian Russo
5 Wins  -  5 Losses  -  0 Ties
258 PF (25.8 PG)  -  147 PA (14.7 PG)
DNQ for the NJSIAA Playoffs
Defeated the Colonia Patriots  42 - 6

Bayshore Recycling Corp.
75 Crows Mill Rd, P.O. Box 290
Keasbey, NJ 08832-0290
2010, 15, 16 Sponsor
Insurance and Financial Services
AXA Advisors
90 Woodbridge Center Drive
Woodbridge, New Jersey
2010 Sponsor
Strawberry's Pub & Pizzeria
110 Amboy Avenue
Woodbridge, New Jersey
2010, 15, 16 Sponsor
Seniors 2010

2011 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2012 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Brian Russo
8 Wins  -  3 Losses  -  0 Ties
323 PF (29.4 PG)  -  209 PA (19.0 PG)
Qualified for the NJSIAA Playoffs, Rd 2
Defeated the Colonia Patriots  23 - 19

2012 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2013 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Bill Nyers
6 Wins  -  4 Losses  -  0 Ties
167 PF (16.7 PG)  -  154 PA (15.4 PG)
Qualified for the NJSIAA Playoffs, Rd 1
Defeated by the Colonia Patriots  28 - 21
2013 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2014 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Bill Nyers
2 Wins  -  8 Losses  -  0 Ties
166 PF (16.6 PG)   -  307 PA (30.7 PG)
DNQ for the NJSIAA Playoffs
Defeated by the Colonia Patriots  21 - 7
Breakfast - Bagels - Lunch
Knot Just Bagels
10 Main Street
Woodbridge, NJ
2013, 14, 15, 16, 17 Sponsor 
The Medicine Shoppe 
458 Amboy Avenue
Woodbridge, NJ
2013, 14, 15, 16 Sponsor
Absolute Eyewear
42 Main Street
Woodbridge, NJ
2013, 14, 15, 16 Sponsor

2014 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2015 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Bill Nyers
7 Wins  -  4 Losses  -  0 Ties
267 PF (24.3 PG)   -  203 PA (18.5 PG)
Qualified for the NJSIAA Playoffs
Defeated by the Colonia Patriots  49 - 27

Longhorn Steakhouse
366 U.S. 9
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
2014, 15 Sponsor
JAG Physical Therapy
10 Woodbridge Center Dr. 102 
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
2014, 15 Sponsor
West Virginia Paint, LLC
1051 Paulison Avenue
Clifton, NJ  07011
2014, 15 Sponsor
Leizer Orthodontics
408 Rahway Avenue
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
2014, 15 Sponsor
All-Time Record - Championship Games: 3 - 1
Last Game: Nov. 1997 
Result: (W) WOOD 20 - JPS 14
Central Jersey - Group 4 Champions
1997 Season Record: 9 - 2 - 0
Bill Nyers - Head Coach
(G12) - TBA - NJ2, G4 - Championship
Friday, December 1, 2017  TBA
Final Score:  
(G2) - Away - Non-Conference Game
Saturday, September 16, 2017  1pm
Final Score: 
(G3) - Home - GMC White Division Game
Friday, September 22, 2017  7pm
Final Score: 
(G4) - Away - GMC White Division Game
Friday, September 29, 2017  7pm
Final Score: 
(G6) - Away - GMC White Division Game
Friday, October 13, 2017  7pm
Final Score: 
(G7) - Home - GMC White Division Game
Friday, October 20, 2017  7pm
Final Score: 
(G8) - Away - GMC White Division Game
Friday, October 27, 2017  7pm
Final Score: 
(G5) - Home - GMC White Division Game
Friday, October 6, 2017  7pm
Final Score:  
(G9) - Away - GMC White Division Game
Friday, November 3, 2017  7pm
Final Score: 



2015 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2016 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Bill Nyers
6 Wins  -  4 Losses  -  0 Ties
264 PF (26.4 PG)   -  171 PA (17.1 PG)
Qualified for the NJSIAA Playoffs
Defeated by the Colonia Patriots  27 - 26

2016 Woodbridge Barrons Football
WHS Class of 2017 - Senior Players
Head Coach - Kevin Coleman
5 Wins  -  5 Losses  -  0 Ties
230 PF (23.0 PG)   -  160 PA (16.0 PG)
Qualified for the NJSIAA Playoffs
Defeated the Colonia Patriots  19 - 14

Personal Training
Studio 27
406 Main Street​
Metuchen, NJ 08840
2015, 16 Sponsor
Stone Mountain Printing
74 Main Street
Woodbridge, NJ 070965
2015, 16 Sponsor
Electrical - Mechanical
Eii Electric Inc.
530 South Avenue East
PO Box 128 Cranford, NJ 07016
2015, 16 Sponsor

2001 - 2003
3,910 Career All-Purpose Yards

2012 - 2014
28 Career Touchdowns

2003 - 2006
2,484 Career Rushing Yards
22 Career Rushing Touchdowns

2009 - 2012
102 Career PAT's Made
14 Career FG's Made
Woodbridge Football
2016 - Year to Date Statistics
Final Update:  11-13-2016
Stats compiled and provided by Coach Coleman
O F F E N S I V E   L E A D E R S
2009 - 2011
4,780 Career Passing Yards
319 Career Pass Completions
58 Career Passing Touchdowns 

1996 - 1997
2,011 Career Receiving Yards
20 Career Receiving Touchdowns

2014 - 2016
130 Career Receptions
D E F E N S I V E   L E A D E R S
S P E C I A L   T E A M S   L E A D E R S

B A R R O N S   F O O T B A L L
S T A T E   C H A M P I O N S

1 9 3 0        1 9 3 8        1 9 3 9
1 9 6 0        1 9 7 0        1 9 7 1
1 9 8 0        1 9 9 3        1 9 9 7
1 Sam Lupo Pl.
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

MRSA is spread by skin-to-skin contact, or through personal items that have been contaminated with the bacteria such as towels or athletic equipment. MRSA is spread more easily in close quarters, like gyms and locker rooms. more

Post Concussion Syndrome
Post-concussion syndrome is a condition that is typically associated with a head injury. The head injury may be categorized as a concussion or a mild traumatic brain injury. In general terms, post-concussion syndrome, or PCS, is a medical problem that persists for a period of time after a head injury has occurred. more
Fitting instructions and helmet care.

Athletic Trainers: Removing football helmets contributes to heat safety during practice!
Aug. 12, 2013 - As most high school football teams throughout the state open training camp this week, Phil Hossler has a simple suggestion for coaches, not only in New Jersey, but nationwide, which he believes could help prevent heat-related illness and death on the gridiron.   more

How smokeless tobacco can contribute to disease.

Auto Sales
Richard Lucas Chevrolet
1077 RT 1-9 South
Avenel, NJ  07001
2004 Sponsor

Certified Public Accountant
Casazza & Ur 
171 Main Street
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
(732) 634-4930
2016 Sponsor
Energy and Fuel
Motiva Enterprises 
111 State Street
Sewaren, NJ 07077
(732) 855-3200
2016 Sponsor

11 Career INT's Made

2012 - 2014
193 Career Total Tackles / Sacks *

2003 - 2005
17 Career Sacks *

2006- 2007
25 Career Tackles for a Loss *

DJ PRYOR  #80  
2002 - 2003
6 Career Blocked Kicks *

 ( * )  2003 through 2016 ONLY!
There are no confirmed records prior these seasons.​  If you possess records prior to 2003, please contact us so we can update this list. 
Last Updated: January 9, 2016


Woodbridge SOA
Supervisory Officer's Association
Woodbridge PBA
Policemen's  Benevolet  Association
"Bragging Rights" Trophy Sponsor

Woodbridge Football - 2017, The 94th Season!

Woodbridge Football Website Changing!

by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 06/01/17

By: WoodbridgeFootball.com
Thursday, June 1, 2017, 1645

With the exception of two season, WoodbridgeFootball.com has been active since 2003 in one form or another.  Each and every year the website morphed into a better experience for visitors through its content enhancements.  It has seen fourteen years, 144 games, over ten thousand photos and videos, thousands of man-hours devoted to keeping the site fresh, hundreds of news reports from multiple sources, and 165,000 plus visitors.  It is a one of a kind website, and according to Greg Tufaro of MyCentralJersey.com, it’s an “…outstanding web site”.  No other local high school football program has anything to compare.

Doing the right thing for the players and staff, families and fans, and providing a positive image for Woodbridge High School and its football program was always the goal of the website.  There isn’t a doubt that goal was accomplished. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have the strong desire to continue, or the close connection with the Woodbridge Football program anymore.  “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected”.  It isn’t fun to devote the time and effort when anticipated support is not present.

Also, the 5QC (Fifth Quarter Club) President has advised me they are unable to fund the website this year.  Although finding and securing support for sponsorships on my own is a possibility, it shouldn’t be my responsibility entirely.   

I find it very disappointing that more than 80% of the parents of players are not members of the 5QC.  If you aren’t familiar with the 5QC, it’s a parent based organization that provides support to the players and cheerleaders of the football program.  They have supported the website, prepared Pre-Game Spaghetti Dinners for players, purchase and distribute Senior Jerseys and Varsity Jackets, and have provided an Awards Dinner and Trophies for both players and cheerleaders.  The 5QC deserves your support!     

With all that said, this year, the website will be limited to the posting of the varsity schedule, scores and news reports when available.

Regardless of the change that will take place, the following people deserve a sincere “thank you” for their dedication to the website over the years.  HC Brian Russo, AD Joe Ward, Dr. Nick Sardone and George Ryan, Maureen and Gary Comito, and Bonnie Smith. 

Coach Russo was instrumental in supporting the idea of a website from the start.  He began his tenure with the program in 2003, the same year the website opened.  Coincidence?  No!  He had a vision for the program and the building began.

Without the background data supplied by Dr. Nicholas Sardone, a 1963 WHS graduate and WHS Football Historian, there would be no history to learn from.  Along with George Ryan, a 1971 WHS graduate, they have written a book documenting the Woodbridge HS Football Program.

The 5QC’s Maureen and Gary Comito ran the best organization bar none!  They convinced me to re-active the site after a two year hiatus in 2013.  Their ducks were always in a row, they were always supportive of the website, and they were always ready to go the extra mile.  Maureen and her staff were also fund raising wizards, leaving a surplus of just under $12,000 for their successors.       

AD Joe Ward allowed access to the team and field for the purpose of gathering relevant info, and taking Game Day and Team photos.  Without that support, the photos that were shared would never be available.  

Last, but definitely not least is Bonnie Smith.  She was a one man Communication Center between the website and the 5QC, and always receptive to Cooperating and taking on another task for the good of the program.  In a pinch, she also provided photos of games and events when scheduling issues arose.  If she didn’t write “Thank You” in her emails a hundred times, it would be a shocker.  Appreciation and Respect were always vibes she sent out and gratefully received.  No one has come close to the support that she provided the program and the website.

Best of luck for a successful season!

Charles McDevitt  -  WoodbridgeFootball.com


Woodbridge Football website coming to an end!?

by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 05/01/17

By: WoodbridgeFootball.com - May 1, 2017 1130am

Communication, Cooperation, Appreciation, Respect!

On June 1, 2017, an announcement regarding the status of the Website, Twitter account, and Facebook page of Woodbridge Football will be made.


Former GMC star pursues NFL dream after career derailed

by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 04/30/17

, @GregTufaro Published 1:07 p.m. ET April 30, 2017

Praise Martin-Oguike, a Nigerian-born football star from Woodbridge High School, is headed to the Miami Dolphins' rookie camp as an undrafted free agent, five years after charges of rape, that were later dropped, derailed the former Temple University defensive end's life and career.

The allegations, against which Martin-Oguike maintained his innocence from the onset, caused him to miss the entire 2012 and 2013 college football seasons while the charges were investigated and ultimately dropped by the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office.

“We’re extremely excited for him,” said Brian Russo, who coached Martin-Oguike in high school. “I spoke with him yesterday and told him I couldn’t be more proud for everything he’s overcome and the adversity he had in college and the fact that he stuck with it. He comes from a real strong supportive family. I told him to play with a chip on your shoulder because that’s what got him to where he is now.”

Martin-Oguike, who moved to the United States from Nigeria when he was 10, could not be immediately reached for comment. He tweeted last night that he is “thankful for the opportunity” with the Dolphins. The Orlando Sentinel reported Martin-Oguike is one of 14 undrafted players that Miami will sign.

As a Home News Tribune first-team All-Area selection in 2010, Martin-Oguike was the conference’s hardest-hitting linebacker, knocking four quarterbacks out of commission while recording a team-high 93 tackles.

Martin-Oguike, who stands 6-foot-1 and weighs 255 pounds, played the Mike position as a true freshman at Temple before being converted to a defensive end. He projects as an outside linebacker, but could still play defensive end, at the next level.

A second-team All-Conference selection in 2014 and 2016, Martin-Oguike’s career statistics reflect he has the athleticism to play multiple positions. Martin Oguike accumulated 29 tackles for a loss, 17.5 sacks, 10 forced fumbles, six blocked kicks and four fumble recoveries as a collegian. Russo said Martin-Oguike will leave for Miami's rookie camp on Thursday.

After playing in seven games at Temple in 2011, Martin-Oguike returned to the field as a redshirt sophomore in 2014, recording the second most sacks (7.5) in the American Athletic Conference and forcing the fourth most fumbles (five) in college football. A year later, Martin-Oguike overcame preseason injuries to play in every game and registered his first career interception in a 24-20 loss to Notre Dame. Last fall, Martin-Oguike recorded 54 tackles (10 for a loss) and 7.5 sacks.

Martin-Oguike, whose father is a minister and whose mother is a poet, attended Middlesex County College while he was indefinitely suspended from Temple University following the May 2012 allegations. The Owls reinstated Martin-Oguike after the charges of rape and sexual assault were dropped.

“We are just extremely proud of Praise for getting this opportunity,” Woodbridge High School Athletics Director Joe Ward said. “Praise comes from a family of strong faith and they relied on that faith to get him through a tough time, and I’m just so happy for the family that he now has this opportunity."

Along with his attorney, James A. Funt, Martin-Oguike told MyCentralJersey.com in October 2013 that the sex between Martin-Oguike and the woman he was dating who accused him of rape was consensual. Her motive, Funt said, was to get back at Martin-Oguike for not agreeing to have a long-term relationship with her. In early October 2013, just as jury selection was about to begin in Martin-Oguike's trial, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office dropped the case with Tasha Jamerson, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s Office stating, “Upon further investigation, it was determined there was not enough evidence to proceed to trial.”

"From the beginning of this case, we maintained that Mr. Martin-Oguike was completely innocent," Funt previously told MyCentralJersey.com. "We said then, and have been proven right, that he was the victim of a woman who was determined to destroy him simply because he would not agree to have a romantic long-term relationship with her. A full forensic examination of her cellphone revealed the true nature of who she is and the completely consensual nature of her sexual relationship with Praise. When looked at in conjunction with the medical information, it was clear the complainant's story was simply not true.”

As a scholastic player, Martin-Oguike transformed himself from a raw talent into a more complete player with attention to detail and working tirelessly in the offseason. When Woodbridge went to a 50 defense toward the end of his senior year, Martin exceled, helping the Barrons outscore their last three opponents 116-13.

“He developed late,” Russo said, attributing Martin-Oguike’s success to work ethic. “He was the first guy in the weight room and the last guy to leave. He would do all the extra work. Those are the things that got him to where he is now.”

Martin led Woodbridge as a senior with 3.5 sacks, two interceptions, one fumble recovery and one forced fumble. The Barrons held five opponents to one score or less and two opponents to two touchdowns.



by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 02/05/17

By WoodbridgeFootball.com  February 5, 2017  2245

New England Patriots 34
Atlanta Falcons 28

Record 1-1;  Overall record 5-3



by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 01/24/17

By WoodbridgeFootball.com  Janaury 24, 2017  1115

Sunday, February 5th 6:30pm

National Conference - Atlanta Falcons 13-5 (+3)
American Conference - New England Patriots 16-2 (-3)
Over / Under - 58

Final - TBD
Record 4-2


by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 01/17/17

By WoodbridgeFootball.com  Janaury 13, 2017  1045

"The Road to Super Bowl 51"

National Conference
Sunday, January 22nd 3:05pm
Green Bay Packers 10-6 at Atlanta Falcons 11-5
Final - Atlanta 44 - Green Bay 21

American Conference
Sunday, January 22nd 6:40pm
Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5 at New England Patriots 14-2
Final - New England 36 - Pittsburgh 17

Record 2-0;  Overall record 4-2


by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 01/13/17

By WoodbridgeFootball.com  Janaury 13, 2017  1045

"The Road to Super Bowl 51"

Saturday - 4:35pm - NFC
Seattle 10-5-1 at Atlanta   11-5
Final - Atlanta 36 - Seattle 20

Saturday - 8:15pm - AFC
Houston 9-7 at New England 14-2
Final - New England 34 - Houston 16

Sunday - 4:40pm - NFC
Green Bay 11-5 at Dallas 12-4

Final - Green Bay 34 - Dallas 31

Sunday - 8:20pm - AFC
Pittsburgh 11-5 at Kansas City 12-4
Final - Pittsburgh 18 - Kansas City 16

Record: 2-2

Football: All-GMC Conference/Division Teams

by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 12/18/16

, @laurenknego1:27 p.m. EST December 18, 2016


Carlton Coleman, Monroe; Elijah Barnwell, Piscataway; Ibn Robinson, Piscataway; Kaddas Reams, New Brunswick; Justin Shorter, South Brunswick; Josh Liao, South Brunswick; Jayson DeMild, Sayreville; Jahsim Floyd, Sayreville; James Schuld, East Brunswick; Lance Rice, Edison; Nick Sodano, Old Bridge; TJ Townsend, Old Bridge; Keshawn Henry, Woodbridge; Kyle Heany, J.F. Kennedy; Tyler Zawacki, Colonia; Roderick Carson, St. Joseph; Jon Sot, St. Joseph; Luke Yakely, St. Joseph; PJ Barr, St. Joseph; Deonte Freeman, Perth Amboy; Quartius Byrd, Carteret; Jean Sapini, South Plainfield; Dillon Harris, South Plainfield; Zach Delvecchio, South Plainfield; Andrew Brazicki, Bishop Ahr; Marcus Adeniyi, Bishop Ahr; Anthony Villanencio, Bishop Ahr; Ryan Szatkowski, Spotswood; Jack Keenan, Spotswood; Ryan O'Shea, Highland Park; Nasir Boykins, Highland Park; Mike Desantis, South River; Ken Cress, South River; Willie Rojas, Metuchen; Naeem Morgan, Middlesex; Alaine Diaz, Dunellen.

Coach of the Year: Dan Higgins, Piscataway; Chris Beagan, Sayreville. 


Carlton Coleman, Monroe; Elijah Barnwell, Piscataway; Abdel Mohammed, Piscataway; Tyrell Haganj, Piscataway; Ibn Robinson, Piscataway; Brevin Donnerson, Piscataway; Nasir James, Piscataway; Joshua Boyd, Piscataway; Jovan Buchmire, Piscataway; Kaddas Reams, New Brunswick; German Pimentel, New Brunswick; Jah'Bree Seawright-Jeffrey, New Brunswick; Dylan Johnson, New Brunswick; Darius Tisdale, South Brunswick; Andre Eldridge, South Brunswick; Justin Shorter, South Brunswick; Josh Liao, South Brunswick; Marcus Cerminaro, South Brunswick; Jaylan Lawson, South Brunswick; Jayson DeMild, Sayreville; Jahsim Floyd, Sayreville; Michael Porcaro, Sayreville; Michael Germann, Sayreville; Michael Liberti, Sayreville; JaQuae Roberts, Sayreville; James Schuld, East Brunswick; Lance Rice, Edison; Keanu Reed, Edison; Justin Turner, Edison; Nick Sodano, Old Bridge; TJ Townsend, Old Bridge; Alston Amegbenyo, Old Bridge; Artur Sitkowski, Old Bridge; Anthony Imbimbo, Old Bridge; Liam Knowles, Old Bridge; Paul Ferrali, Old Bridge.

Coach of the Year: Dan Higgins, Piscataway; Chris Beagan, Sayreville.

Sportsmanship: Edison


Keshawn Henry, Woodbridge; Quaasim Glover, Woodbridge; DaAvian Ellington, Woodbridge; Nick Nyers, Woodbridge; Marquen Payne, Woodbridge; Kyle Heany, J.F. Kennedy; David Lee, J.F. Kennedy; Bernardo Abreu, J.F. Kennedy; Tyler Zawacki, Colonia; Tyler Layton, Colonia; Luke Pero, Colonia; Taj Calvin Johnson, Colonia; Roderick Carson, St. Joseph; Jon Sot, St. Joseph; Luke Yakely, St. Joseph; PJ Barr, St. Joseph; Manny Resto, St. Joseph; Brian Reilly, St. Joseph; John Olmstead, St. Joseph; Jordan Davis, St. Joseph; Dante Negron, J.P. Stevens; Bryce Priestor, North Brunswick; Deonte Freeman, Perth Amboy; Quartius Byrd, Carteret; Angelo Golino, Carteret; Farhan Khan, Carteret; Jalen Harris, Carteret; Justin Taylor, Carteret; Dwayne Sharpe, Carteret; Jean Sapini, South Plainfield; Dillon Harris, South Plainfield; Deshai Smith, South Plainfield; Zach Delvecchio, South Plainfield; Mike Lampasona, South Plainfield; Ben Lundy, South Plainfield; Charles Lovett, South Plainfield.

Coach of the Year: Casey Ransone, St. Joseph.

Sportsmanship: Perth Amboy.


Andrew Brazicki, Bishop Ahr; Marcus Adeniyi, Bishop Ahr; Benjamin Prott, Bishop Ahr; Anthony Villavinencio, Bishop Ahr; Reminiss Funderburk, Bishop Ahr; Ricardo Peguero, Bishop Ahr; Luke Vizzoni, Bishop Ahr; Mike DeSantis, Bishop Ahr; Ryan Szatkowski, Spotswood; Jack Keenan, Spotswood; Sal Mistretta, Spotswood; Nick Mohr, Spotswood; Nick Vincelli, Spotswood; Mike Leroy, Spotswood; Ryan O'Shea, Highland Park; Nasir Boykins, Highland Park; Dylan Boynton, Highland Park; Yuriy Prots, Highland Park; Justin Sims, Highland Park; Brian Negron, Highland Park; Jalen Smith, Highland Park; Mike Desantis, South River; Ken Cross, South River; Kyle Bagack, South River; Billy Drum, South River; Travis Thomas, South River; Devin Miller, Metuchen; Willie Rojas, Metuchen; Cam McPartlion, Metuchen; Justin Briggs, Metuchen; Naeem Morgan, Middlesex; Tom Schweyher, Middlesex; Jose Andujar, Middlesex; John Kressbach, Middlesex; Alaine Diaz, Dunellen; Mike Herman, Dunellen.

Coach of the Year: Rich McGlynn, Highland Park.

Sportsmanship: Middlesex.

Football: Borden's Ballers honors GMC players

by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 12/11/16

Marcus Borden, @bordenfb4ever5:06 p.m. EST December 11, 2016

MyCentralJersey.com football analyst Marcus Borden has selected one player from each of the Greater Middlesex Conference’s 24 football-playing schools to be a recipient of the second annual “Borden’s Ballers” Award.

Dunellen's Alain Diaz was voted Borden's Baller of the Year. Each of the 24 players nominated will receive a commemorative plaque and a “Borden’s Ballers” shirt that bears a special design on the front and the name of all 24 players chosen for the honor on the back.


The shirts are courtesy of “Borden’s Ballers” sponsor Rudy Heierling and Sports Paradise, the official outfitter of the MyCentralJersey.com Snapple Bowl, Pines Manor Restaurant in Edison and MyCentralJersey.com. Plaques are provided by Ron Mazzola of Prestige Imaging.

“For those that have achieved this great honor please keep the commemorative plaque with all your other memorabilia from your scholastic career," Borden said. "In addition, please wear your ‘Borden’s Ballers’ custom shirt with great pride knowing that you are being held to the highest standards that this award represents.”

Borden used the following criteria to choose the select group: Performance (an athlete who has played at a high level throughout the season); Leadership (a player who epitomizes the adage, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”); Camaraderie (a teammate who can be relied upon as a positive influence under any situation); Intangibles (someone who thrives in crunch time, represents his program and school well, is coachable and has what Borden, a Spanish teacher at East Brunswick High School, calls “ganas,” or intense desire).

“It was extremely difficult in many cases deciding which player to select from any given school that had a plethora of candidates to be considered,” said Borden, a Hall of Fame member of both the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association and the New Jersey Football Coaches Association.

For that reason, Borden provided MyCentralJersey.com with a list of honorable mention recipients. Here's what Borden told MyCentralJersey.com football writer Greg Tufaro about each of this year's Borden's Ballers nominees:

Bishop Ahr – Andrew Brazicki: “This year’s 'Beast Mode' doesn’t hide the fact that he can run over you, around you or that you better have as many as you can on the tackle because he is not going down easy. The 'he does everything but drive the school bus,' Brazicki reminds me a little bit of Tim Tebow, a jacked QB that can beat you with a play-action pass, too.”

Carteret – Angelo Golino: “Golino let everyone know early that the Ramblers were vastly improved from 2015. His preseason performance against Sayreville in a scrimmage was a foreshadowing of Carteret’s season to come and its return to the NJSIAA playoffs. There is no doubt that his offseason work ethic has paid two-fold as he has also been recognized as the midseason most improved player in the Greater Middlesex Conference.”

Colonia – Tyler Zawacki: “Zawacki has impressed this season as one of top two-way linemen in the GMC. His ability to open holes for running back Luke Pero has been on display lately as the Patriots have now made three consecutive trips to the playoffs. His overall performance on both sides of the football has been impressive considering Colonia’s high octane no-huddle offense requires its players to have a superior conditioning level.”

Dunellen – Alain Diaz: “Epitomizes the spirit of Dunellen Destroyer football, ‘We are out here to play football, day by day, game by game, week by week giving 100 percent on every rep and every snap.’ Diaz has encouraged his young teammates to work harder and get better which has been evident in their continued growth throughout the season.”

East Brunswick – James Schuld: “I have coached both his brothers – Dustin and Casey – and he just might be the best athlete of the family. His physical and mental growth as a player is a tribute to the hard work he put in during the off season. He can run it and throw it for the Bears.”

Edison – Keanu Reed: “A high-flying Eagle receiver that has come up big against the best competition in the league. He possesses speed, concise route-running and the ability to make the tough catch. He has been a favorite target of former position mate Justin Turner who became Edison’s signal caller this season.”

Highland Park – Ryan O’Shea: “Ryan has been one of the most consistent quarterbacks in the GMC over the past three years. He has used his running ability and arm to lead the Owls to the precipice of a winning season with a regional crossover game and Thanksgiving date with Metuchen still on the schedule. You can be sure that he will leave it all on the field for his fellow seniors and teammates.”

J.F. Kennedy – Kyle Heaney: “The Mustangs resurgence in 2016 has squarely fallen on the shoulders of their athletic quarterback who has been a dual threat in the shotgun spread offense. A gifted runner and passer, Heaney can outrun you to the end zone, barrel forward while getting the tough yard or launch a deep pass to keep the defense honest. He has led Kennedy back to the playoffs with heart, toughness and resiliency.”

J.P. Stevens – Dante Negron: “The 6-foot-4, 230-pound two-way performer has been one of the bright spots for the Hawks as they look to return to normalcy and consistency in a program that has seen its share of coaching changes in the past five years. His leadership and toughness on both sides of the ball have served as an example for the underclassmen.”

Borden’s Ballers. Front row (left to right): Willi Rojas, Louis Sasso, James Schuld, Nick Mohr, Ryan O’Shea. Back row (left to right): Kyle Heaney, Carlton Coleman, Alain Diaz, Bryce Priester, Deonte Freeman. (Photo: Ed Pagliarini)

Metuchen – Willi Rojas: “Rojas has been one of Metuchen’s consistent bright spots in a season marred with injury and youthful inexperience. Using sprinter speed, the tailback, receiver, kick returner and defensive back has been one of the Bulldogs top performers in the GMC as a running back. It is his leadership however that has been his greatest asset.”

Middlesex – Naeem Morgan: “While big school players often overshadow their smaller school counterparts, Naeem Morgan wants to remind you that he’s one of the GMC’s top defensive performers too. His athleticism and quickness have been one of his trademarks the last two years as well as what he says are, ‘my energy, my tenacity and leadership to the young guys.'”

Monroe – Carlton Coleman: “The perfect fullback for any team that runs the triple option, ‘CC’ is a wrecking ball when it comes to meshing with the quarterback in the first phase of the option. His 99-yard touchdown run against Colts Neck was the longest run in 2016 by any back in the GMC and demonstrated that the big guy can run you over or outrun you, too.”

New Brunswick – Kadas Reams: “Kadas burst on the scene last year when he held two-time All-Area wide receiver Quaasim Glover in check as the Zebras defeated the then undefeated Barrons. Like his former teammate Maurice Ffrench, Reams has used his participation in track to improve his overall play as a wide receiver and defensive back. He is a big-time playmaker who can run by you whether it be the deep ball or a quick screen.”

North Brunswick – Bryce Priester: “An aggressive in-your-face type of player, Priester has been an outstanding mentor for the Raiders while still undergoing the program building under second-year head coach Don Zsak. His main goal as he stated in a preseason interview was to be ‘the best leader possible’ which demonstrates his selfless sacrifice for the sake of the team.”

Old Bridge – Nick Sodano: “If you believe in the adage ‘Don’t ever give up, never,’ then you want Sodano on your team. He may have the most impressive play of the season when he stripped the ball from All-Area running back Elijah Barnwell of Piscataway in a bizarre final five minutes of the game returning it for a touchdown helping the Knights to an improbable upset of the then No. 1 Chiefs. I am sure that this diminutive back with the “S” on his chest has a few more tricks up his sleeve before the end of the season.”

Perth Amboy – Deonte Freeman: “Amboy’s most dominant defensive player, ‘Ohio’ as he is known by his coaches and teammates, possesses that fight-to-the finish attitude found in those destined for greatness whether it be on the playing fields or on the journey of life. This will not be the last time you hear the name Deonte Freeman.”

Piscataway – Elijah Barnwell: “The Chiefs career rushing leader has carried his team on his back while it has been no mystery that everyone knows that he is going to carry the ball. Stopping him however is not that easy as he runs with power and speed, so if you crowd the box he will outrun you to pay dirt. Barnwell has unfinished business which only means one thing, see the Manalapan Braves at Rutgers again this time for the Central Group V championship.”

St. Joseph – Roderic Carson: “Carson has been one of the GMC’s most dominant defensive ends this season. Most teams avoided running at him but found out that he cannot be blocked one-on-one on the backside because he is athletic and quick which means he will chase you down. His best days are ahead of him as I see him playing outside backer at the next level.”

Sayreville – Jayson DeMild: “The Bombers field general has led the Blue and Grey back to the playoffs as he has thrived in Sayreville’s added spread offense no-huddle playbook. DeMild’s laser sharp throws to a bevy of quality receivers as well as his ability to escape pressure and punish would-be-tacklers when he runs bodes well for his hometown’s faithful fans who are seeking a return to glory.”

South Brunswick – Josh Liao: “Calm, cool and collected under pressure are three words that come to mind when talking about the Vikings cerebral option quarterback. Since his sophomore season, the heady Liao has demonstrated that he can win big games on the biggest stage in the tough GMC Red Division or while leading his team to the promised land with a Central Group V title in 2015. Did I say that he can throw it, too!”

South Plainfield – Dillon Harris: “Dillon Harris has been the force behind the Tigers’ defense that has been brilliant in the closing moments of tight games propelling the South Plainfield to a No. 3 seed in the Central Group III playoffs. As he stated so eloquently and matter-of-factly in preseason interview, ‘I just have to take care of the middle and stop the run game.’ He has done just that while being a great leader.”

South River – Louis Sasso: “As one of a handful of seniors on a team dominated by sophomores and juniors, Sasso has been instrumental in the Rams' steady progress throughout the season. Furthermore, it has been his leadership that enabled his team to honor their head coach with a monumental victory that made him the winningest mentor in the school’s storied history.”

Spotswood – Nick Mohr: “An intense competitor who often deflects attention from himself but instead onto his teammates and coaches displayed unbelievable character in tutoring his backup when he broke his wrist two weeks ago. Nick Mohr is just another example of a Spotswood football player that understands the life lessons being instilled by their coach and mentor.”

Woodbridge – Keshaun Henry: “An athlete that is a threat to take it to the house at any moment no matter where he lines up on offense, ‘Scooby’ may be this year’s most versatile player. Whether he is in the wildcat, at I back, slot back or wide receiver, Henry gives defensive coordinators nightmares. If you want to roll the dice and kick to him, you just might roll a snake eyes on that decision too.”

Honorable Mention

Bishop Ahr – Marcus Adeniyi; Carteret – Farhan Khan; Colonia – Tyler Layton; Dunellen – Mike Harmon; East Brunswick – Jair Davis; Edison – Lance Rice; Highland Park – Nasir Boykins; J.F. Kennedy – David Lee; J.P. Stevens – Jared Martinez; Metuchen – Devin Miller; Middlesex – Tom Schweyer; Monroe – Lou Ceras; New Brunswick – Jah’Bree Seawright-Jeffery; North Brunswick – Justin Rivera; Old Bridge – TJ Townsend; Perth Amboy – Tyler Jack; Piscataway – Ibn Robinson; St. Joseph – Manny Resto; Sayreville – Michael Porcaro; South Brunswick – Justin Shorter; South Plainfield – Jean Sapini; South River – Michael DeSantis; Spotswood – Ryan Szatkowski; Woodbridge – Marquan Payne.


by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 12/11/16

By: Charles McDevitt  WoodbridgeFootball.com  December 11, 2016

Championship Weekend 3-0

Season Record:  38-15  (.717)



by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 12/11/16

, @GregTufaro5:02 p.m. EST December 10, 2016

1. Piscataway (10-2)

2. South Brunswick (8-3)

3. Sayreville (10-2)

4. St. Joseph (9-1)

5. Old Bridge (6-4-1)

6. South Plainfield (8-4)

7. Carteret (6-4)

8. Woodbridge (5-5)

9. New Brunswick (4-6)

10. Bishop Ahr (7-3)

2016 Home News Tribune All-Area Football Defensive Teams

by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 12/11/16

Greg Tufaro & Marcus Borden5:02 p.m. EST December 10, 2016


DL Lance Rice, Edison, Sr.

If you were at the Thanksgiving crosstown rivalry game between the Eagles and J.P. Stevens, you would have thought that the entire Edison defense was wearing No. 50. Rice’s 11 tackles, seven tackles for a loss and three sacks were an exclamation point as the senior finished his career with a thumping of the Hawks. His final 2016 tally included 113 tackles, 21 tackles for a loss, seven sacks and one fumble recovery.

DL Abdel Mohamed, Piscataway, Sr.

Piscataway’s dominant offensive and defensive line was led by Mohammed’s 39 tackles, 19 hits behind the line of scrimmage and 8.5 sacks and one fumble recovery. If you dared single block him on the inside, your backfield felt the brunt of this massive athletic tackle that made you pay the price for the oversight.

DL Andre Eldridge, South Brunswick, Sr.

A solid three-year, two-way offensive and defensive performer for the Vikings, Eldridge helped South Brunswick win the state championship in 2015 and continue their six-year playoff run. His 39 tackles, six tackles for a loss, five sacks and one fumble recovery vaulted his team to the Central Group V semifinals.

DL Ibn Robinson, Piscataway, Sr.

Robinson, quite arguably, was the league’s most dominant DE who was a force down the stretch for the Chiefs’ playoff run, culminating in their Central Group V championship win over Manalapan. His 58 tackles, 31 hits behind the line of scrimmage, 10.5 sacks, 10 quarterback pressures, one fumble recovery and five tipped passes made him a nightmare for opposing offensive coordinators.

DL Jean Sapini, South Plainfield, Sr.

Sapini was an every down, two-way performer for the Tigers who led South Plainfield to the Central Group III final with 63 tackles, three tackles for a loss and five sacks on defense while scoring six touchdowns on 36 catches for 545 yards as a tight end. He was a devastating blocker on offense and always required a double team on defense.

LB Quartius Byrd, Carteret, Sr.

A 1,000-yard rusher on offense while splitting time at tailback, Byrd led the Ramblers' resurgence in 2016 as a solid two-way performer who made an impact on defense too. His 57 tackles, one tackle for a loss, 1.5 sacks and three caused fumbles allowed Carteret to return to the North 2 Group III playoffs in 2016.

LB Luke Yakely, St. Joseph, Sr.

A four-year starter who has served as the face of the program, Yakely just may be the most team-oriented player in the GMC. His old-school toughness as a runner or linebacker was never more evident than this season, as the Falcons overcame unfathomable injuries to key players while he quietly went about leading his team to an undefeated season. He had 91 tackles, three sacks, one interception for a touchdown while rushing for 559 yards and 10 touchdowns for nearly seven yards a carry.

LB Michael Germann, Sayreville, Jr.

If you heard the loud crack of shoulder pads at any of the Bombers' big games, you knew the culprit was No. 44 Michael Germann dishing out punishment on the opposition. His team-leading 56 tackles, 15 tackles for a loss and one sack helped Sayreville capture the North 2 Group IV championship against Middletown North.

LB Dillon Harris, South Plainfield, Sr.

Harris so matter-of-factly explained his role in a preseason interview with the GMC Camp Caravan, “My job is to take care of the middle of the defense,” and that he did, while anchoring the defense for the Tigers, who advanced to the Central Group III title game at Rutgers. He led his team with 94 tackles, three sacks and two interceptions.

DB Jah’Bree Seawright-Jeffrey, New Brunswick, Sr.

It's not often that you have your quarterback playing on defense, unless he is a gifted and talented athlete. Seawright-Jeffrey threw for 1,547 yards and 18 touchdowns. On the defensive side of the ball he played free safety recording 35 tackles and three interceptions for the Zebras, who played their first year in the GMC Red Division.

DB Brevin Donerson, Piscataway, Sr.

If you were not in attendance at Piscataway’s rematch with undefeated Manalapan in the Central Group V final, you missed an epic performance by No. 7 Brevin Donerson. He led the Chiefs' defense that morning with eight tackles, two hits behind the line of scrimmage, had one forced fumble, intercepted a pass and had two pass break ups. His final 2016 statistics prove that he was not a one hit wonder as he recorded 77 tackles, 16 hits behind the line of scrimmage, four forced fumbles, four recovered fumbles and three interceptions along with four defensive scores.

DB Nazir James, Piscataway, Sr.

A solid two-way performer, James as a wide receiver had 17 catches for 260 yards and three touchdowns, while on defense he recorded 27 tackles with eight hits behind the line of scrimmage, three interceptions and two tipped passes. He was one of the reasons the Chiefs were successful in shutting down the Manalapan passing game in the Central Group V final, making it one-dimensional.

ATH Roderic Carson, St. Joseph, Sr.

If you were looking to find the perfect fit for an all-star defense opposite Piscataway’s Ibn Robinson, Carson would be your answer. He is quick, athletic and can easily chase the play down from behind if you run away from him. He led the team with 88 tackles with 37 of them for a loss, 10 sacks and four forced fumbles.

ATH TJ Townsend, Old Bridge, Sr.

A mountain of a man, Townsend anchored the offensive and defensive line for the Knights, who made it to the Central Group V semifinals. Much of teammate Nick Sodano’s 1,346 rushing yards came behind the athletic guard’s ability to pull and lead the charge. Defensively, he often forced a double team by the opposition but was still able to make 46 tackles, nine tackles for a loss and two sacks.

KR/PR Nasir Boykins, Highland Park, Sr.

Boykins was one of the key playmakers for the Owls as they finished above .500 for the first time since 2009. He rushed for 1046 yards with 18 touchdowns, had three receiving touchdowns and scored on a kickoff return and punt return in 2016. Defensively his 91 tackles, 19 for a loss, three caused fumbles, two recovered fumbles and three sacks all occurred as an outside linebacker whereas his natural position is a defensive back.


DL Marquan Payne, Woodbridge, Sr.

DL Naeem Morgan, Middlesex, Sr.

DL Alston Amegbenyo, Old Bridge, Sr.

DL Bryce Priester, North Brunswick, Sr.

LB Deonte Freeman, Perth Amboy, Sr.

LB German Pimentel, New Brunswick, Sr.

LB Marcus Cerminaro, South Brunswick, Sr.

LB Nick Nyers, Woodbridge, Jr.

DB Manny Resto, St. Joseph, Jr.

DB Ryan O’Shea, Highland Park, Sr.

DB Nahjir Woods, Piscataway, Jr.

DB Charles Lovett, South Plainfield, Jr.

ATH Joshua Boyd, Piscataway, Sr.

P/K Ryan Szatkowski, Spotswood, Sr.

KR/PR Deshai Smith, South Plainfield, Jr.


DL Marcus Adeniyi, Bishop Ahr, Sr.

DL Alex LaGrippo, Woodbridge, Sr.

DL Dante Negron, J.P. Stevens, Sr.

LB Reilly Gonzalez, Edison, Sr.

LB Dylan Boynton, Highland Park, Sr.

LB Nick Yanik, Edison, Sr.

LB Liam Knowles, Old Bridge, Jr.

LB Jack Keenan, Spotswood, Sr.

DB Jalen Harris, Carteret, Sr.

DB David Lee, J.F. Kennedy, Jr.

DB Jordan Davis, St. Joseph, So.

DB Mitchel Epstein, St. Joseph, Sr.

ATH Michael Matusz, J.F. Kennedy, Sr.

ATH Jair Davis, East Brunswick, Sr.

ATH Javon Scott, J.P. Stevens, Sr.

KR/PR Kyle Wiggins, East Brunswick, Sr.

2016 Home News Tribune All-Area Football Offensive Teams

by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 12/11/16

, @GregTufaro5:03 p.m. EST December 10, 2016


QB Jayson DeMild, Sayreville, Sr.

The conference’s leading passer, DeMild completed 125 of 227 attempts for 2,117 yards with 24 touchdowns and seven interceptions. The 6-foot-2, 200-pund signal caller was mobile, rushing 75 times for 450 yards and seven touchdowns. He passed for a career-high 350 yards and four touchdowns while leading the Bombers to a sectional semifinal upset of top-seeded Middletown South.

RB Elijah Barnwell, Piscataway, Sr.

The school’s career rushing leader amassed 1,838 yards and 29 touchdowns on 242 carries this season. Barnwell never took a down off on defense, doubling as a linebacker, where he was among the team leaders with 49 tackles, eight hits behind the line of scrimmage, five tipped passes, an interception and one sack. He rushed for 185 yards and three touchdowns on 29 carries in the sectional final.

RB Nick Sodano, Old Bridge, Sr.

The 5-foot-8, 185-pound running back played bigger than his frame, amassing 1,609 all-purpose yards while leading the Knights to the sectional semifinals. Sodano rushed for 1,346 yards and 18 touchdowns on 215 carries. As a defensive back, Sodano recorded 51 tackles, three interceptions, two fumble recoveries and a caused fumble.

RB Andrew Brazicki, Bishop Ahr, Sr.

Brazicki rushed for 1,509 yards and 24 touchdowns on 219 carries. He also played quarterback, completing 5 of 11 passes for 150 yards and two touchdowns. The versatile back had 150 yards and one touchdown receiving. At linebacker, he recorded 56 tackles (7.5 for a loss), two sacks and returned an interception for a touchdown. He rushed for more than 300 yards against two-time defending division champion Spotswood and more than 250 yards against reigning sectional champion Asbury Park.

OL PJ Barr, St. Joseph, Sr.

The Bucknell University commit was part of an offensive line that generated 3,461 yards and 45 touchdowns. Behind Barr and company, St. Joseph averaged 346.1 yards per game and finished undefeated in the White Division for the second time in four years. As a defensive tackle, Barr recorded 47 tackles (16 for a loss) and five sacks.

OL Terrell Hagans, Piscataway, Sr.

The 6-foot-2, 315-pound guard was integral to the success of Piscataway’s running game, which amassed a league-leading 3,093 yards. As a defensive tackle, Hagans registered 27 tackles including eiht for a loss. He had two sacks. With Hagans leading the way, Piscataway averaged 331.9 total yards per game and averaged 34.3 points.

OL Michael Porcaro, Sayreville, Sr.

With Porcaro helping to lead the way, the reigning North 2 Group IV champions boasted one of the conference’s most dynamic offenses, one which accumulated 4,516 yards from scrimmage. Porcaro epitomized a line that was equally adept at run- and pass-blocking as the Bombers accumulated 2,388 yards on the ground and 2,157 yards through the air.

OL Tyler Zawacki, Colonia, Sr.

Zawacki anchored a relatively inexperienced offensive line that jelled as the season progressed, enabling the Patriots to develop a 1,000-yard rusher (Luke Pero) and 1,000-yard passer (Tyler Layton) while winning four straight games to qualify for the playoffs. Colonia rolled up more than 3,000 yards from scrimmage. As a defensive tackle, Zawacki recorded 36 tackles and recovered a fumble.

OL Darius Tisdale, South Brunswick, Sr.

The two-way lineman was a major reason the Vikings averaged 26.3 points per game while rushing for 1,795 yards and passing for 1,587 yards. Tisdale was equally impressive on defense, registering 20 solo tackles, 20 assists, 11 tackles for a loss and seven sacks. Tisdale helped South Brunswick reach the sectional semifinals.

TE Jahsim Floyd, Sayreville, Sr.

The 6-foot-7, 200-pound senior caught 24 passes for 553 yards and 10 touchdowns. He averaged 23 yards per reception. As a defensive standout, Floyd was instrumental in helping Sayreville claim a sectional championship. He registered a team-high seven sacks and also intercepted a pass.

WR Kadas Reams, New Brunswick, Sr.

The athletic wideout finished the season as the conference’s leading receiver, catching 43 passes for 839 yards and 13 touchdowns. Known for his acrobatic catches, Reams was part of a resurgence at New Brunswick, which made its second consecutive postseason appearance following a lengthy playoff drought. Reams also intercepted a pass as a defensive back.

WR Justin Shorter, South Brunswick, Jr.

The Penn State University commit caught 45 passes for 718 yards and six touchdowns. Shorter caught at least one pass in each of South Brunswick’s final 10 games. He threw an option pass for 50 yards and rushed for 83 yards, finishing with 967 total yards from scrimmage. As a free safety, Shorter recorded 33 tackles, three interceptions and caused two fumbles.

ATH Keshaun Henry, Woodbridge, Sr.

Among the conference’s most versatile performers, Henry had 501 rushing yards on 80 carries, 445 receiving yards on 33 catches and completed 9 of 16 passing attempts for 124 yards and three touchdowns. Henry scored 15 touchdowns. He set single-game records at Woodbridge, which finished its 93rd season, for touchdowns (six), points (40) and touchdown receptions (four) in a win over J.F. Kennedy.

KR Keanu Reed, Edison, Sr.

With teammate Justin Turner moving from wideout to quarterback, Reed became the primary target, finishing with 47 catches for 775 yards and eight touchdowns. In addition to being the league’s second-leading receiver, Reed also returned kickoffs and punts. As a safety, he posted 32 tackles.

K/P Jon Sot, St. Joseph, Jr.

The latest in a line of outstanding kickers at St. Joseph, Sot converted 50 extra points and was a perfect 5 of 5 on field-goal attempts including boots of 55, 45, 29 and 25 yards. He is destined to join former Falcons Mike Cintron (Rutgers) and Bryan Rafano (Wagner) as a Division I collegian. Sot also starred at wide receiver, catching 17 passes for 435 yards (25.6 yards per catch) and six touchdowns. His coffin corner kick in the NJSIAA playoffs against Paramus Catholic illustrated Sot’s gifts as a punter.


QB Justin Turner, Edison, Sr.

RB Carlton Coleman, Monroe, Sr.

RB Zach DelVecchio, South Plainfield, So.

RB Michael Liberti, Sayreville, Sr.

OL John Olmstead, St. Joseph, So.

OL Farhan Khan, Carteret, Sr.

OL Anthony Villavicencio, Bishop Ahr, Sr.

OL Dante Dickerson, Piscataway, Sr.

OL Christian Platon, Sayreville, Sr.

TE Devin Miller, Metuchen, Sr.

WR Alex Cameron, East Brunswick, Sr.

WR Quassim Glover, Woodbridge, Sr.

ATH Artur Sitkowski, Old Bridge, Jr.

ATH Josh Liao, South Brunswick, Sr.

ATH Kyle Heaney, J.F. Kennedy, Sr.


QB James Schuld, East Brunswick, Jr.

RB Dylan Johnson, New Brunswick, So.

RB Luke Pero, Colonia, Jr.

RB Willi Rojas, Metuchen, Sr.

OL Cameron McPartlan, Metuchen, Sr.

OL Kenny Cross, South River, Jr.

OL Kyle Foster, Colonia, Jr.

OL Lou Ceras, Monroe, Sr.

OL Alain Diaz, Dunellen, Sr.

TE Curtis Revan, New Brunswick, Sr.

WR Anthony Imbimbo, Old Bridge, Jr.

WR Tyler Jack, Perth Amboy, Jr.

ATH Angelo Golino, Carteret, Sr.

ATH Michael DeSantis, South River, So.

ATH Nick Mohr, Spotswood, Sr.

K/P Michael Stalenyj, Piscataway, Sr.


by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 11/26/16

By: Charles McDevitt  WoodbridgeFootball.com  November 26, 2016

Turkey Day Record: 3-1

North Plainfield defeats South Plainfield 39-21

Edison defeats J.P. Stevens 35-0

South Brunswick defeats North Brunswick 19-0

Carteret defeats Perth Amboy 36-7

Season Record:  35-15  (.700)


by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 11/26/16

By: Charles McDevitt  WoodbridgeFootball.com  November 26, 2016

PISCATAWAY v. MANALAPAN - Saturday, December 3, 2016, 10am at Rutgers - High Point Solutions Stadium

Piscataway Chiefs

2016 Record: (9-2-0)

Head Coach: Daniel Higgins

Greater Middlesex Conference

Red Division

Central, Group 5

Power Points:

Power Points Calculation

Playoff Appearances:24

Finals Appearances:

Sectional Titles:

Playoff Record:
36-16 (.692)

Manalapan Braves

2016 Record: (11-0-0)

Head Coach:
Ed Gurrieri

Shore Conference


Central, Group 5

Power Points:

Power Points Calculation

Playoff Appearances:16

Finals Appearances:

Sectional Titles:

Playoff Record:
15-15 (.500)

Prediction - Piscataway (10+)



by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 11/26/16

By: Charles McDevitt  WoodbridgeFootball.com  November 26, 2016

- Saturday, December 3, 2016, 1pm at Rutgers - High Point Solutions Stadium

Sayreville Bombers

2016 Record: (9-2-0)

Head Coach: Chris Beagan

League: Greater Middlesex Conference

Division: Red Division

Section: North 2, Group 4

Power Points: 97.5

Power Points Calculation

Playoff Appearances:21

Finals Appearances:7

Sectional Titles:4

Playoff Record:24-17 (.585)

Middletown North Lions

2016 Record: (9-2-0)

Head Coach: Steve Bush

League: Shore Conference


North 2, Group 4

Power Points:

Power Points Calculation

Playoff Appearances:14

Finals Appearances:5

Sectional Titles:3

Playoff Record:10-11 (.476)

Prediction - Sayreville (10+)


by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 11/26/16

By: Charles McDevitt  WoodbridgeFootball.com  November 26, 2016

SOUTH PLAINFIELD v. RUMSON-FAIR HAVEN - Saturday, December 3, 2016, 7pm at Rutgers - High Point Solutions Stadium

South Plainfield Tigers

2016 Record: (8-3-0)

Head Coach: Gary Cassio

League: Greater Middlesex Conference

Division: White Division

Section: Central, Group 3

Power Points: 117

Power Points Calculation

GMC White Division – Turkey Day Predictions

by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 11/23/16

By: Charles McDevitt  WoodbridgeFootball.com  November 23, 2016

First, I’d like to say… Wouldn’t it be nice to play on Thanksgiving?

Week 11 Record: 1-1  (.500)

North Plainfield (2-7) at South Plainfield (8-2), 10:30am  SOPL (10+)

J.P. Stevens (1-8) at Edison (3-5-1), 10:30am   EDSN (10+)

South Brunswick (7-3) at North Brunswick (1-8), 10:30am  SOBR (14+)

Carteret (5-4) at Perth Amboy (1-8), 11am  CART (10+)

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DeMild sparks Sayreville to final, stopping Middletown South in high school football

by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 11/19/16

, @smfalk11:36 p.m. EST November 18, 2016

MIDDLETOWN -  Many doubted Sayreville could bounce back so quickly after most of its 2014 season was canceled in the wake of a hazing scandal.

However, Sayreville senior quarterback Jayson DeMild, his teammates and the Sayreville coaching staff were not among the doubters..

"I knew we were going to come back. We were destined for this,'' DeMild said.

Sayreville, which won sectional championship three-straight seasons from 2010-2012 and has won four sectional championships in all, will play for the NJSIAA North II Group IV championship in two weeks against Middletown North after it outlasted defending North II Group IV champion Middletown South. 42-28, Friday night at "The Swamp.''

"This is honestly the closest team I've ever been a part of,'' DeMild said. "We have so much chemistry.' We will do anything for each other.'''

The Bombers (9-2) have talent, skill, size, athleticism on both sides of the ball. They also have a tremendous amount of poise. Each time, Middletown South (7-3) scored, Sayreville immediately retaliated with a score of its own

But, most of all, Sayreville has DeMild, a quarterback with immense of ability and heart. DeMild threw for 345 yards and four TDs and also ran for a TD.

"I've been saying from Day 1, we don't get go anywhere in this offense (Sayreville runs the no-huddle out of the spread) without a tremendous field general at that position,'' said Sayreville coach Chris Beagan, who is in his second season as Sayreville's head coach, but coached Monroe to the 2009 Central Group III championship with a win over Middletown South. "He does a tremendous job of being a leader on and off the field.''

DeMild's poise and arm strength were exemplified by the play he made on a second and 13 from the Sayreville 15 with less than seven minutes left and the score tied 28-28. He stepped up in the pocket to avoid the rush and then fired a bullet over the middle and beyond the safety. He hit sophomore receiver Jacari Carter in stride and Carter (seven receptions for 182 yards and two TDs) raced the rest of the way untoched for an 85-yard TD that gave Sayreville the lead for good at 35-28 with 6:36 left.

"He's done it all for us all year long,'' Beagan said. "It hasn't always been easy. He's been pressured. He's had to stand in the pocket. He's taken some hits.''

"Their quarterback made some great plays. He showed a lot of poise and showed off an explosive arm,'' Middletown South coach Steve Antonucci said.

Middletown South moved to the Sayreville 43 on its ensuing possession before a Carter interception on a second-and-10 ended the drive. The Eagles used their two remaining timeouts and had Sayreville in a third-and-3 at its own 33 before senior running back Michael Liberti spun away from a tackle and raced 65 yards to the Eagles' 2. Senior running back Ja'Quae Roberts bulldozed in on the next play to put the game away with 3:07 remaining.

"This (Sayreville) is a team that was hungry coming in here,'' Antonucci said. "With all the things they've gone through, to get here (Friday) and get this opportunity, I told our kids during the week, 'This is not some average team coming in here. This is a  team that has the hunger and they're starving to get back to a game like this. They're going to come in here and give their best effort'. They sure did.''

 Middletown South had tied the game 28-28 with 7:27 left on a beautifully-executed 32-yard Aneesh Agrawal (163 yards passing and three TD passes) to Anthony Summey (114 yards rushing and a TD and 32 yards receiving and a TD) screen pass on a second-and-8.

Sayreville had taken a 28-21 lead on an 8-yard DeMild to Jahsim Floyd TD pass on a fade pattern on second-and-goal and ensuing Mark Whitford to Andrew Wille 2-point conversion pass with 10:21 left. The TD came eight plays after Wille ran for 11 yards on a fourth-and-3 fake punt from the Sayreville 43 that Beagan said was ad-libbed after the original play call was supposed to be a pass to the backside.

A 14-yard Agrawal  to Samson Dube TD pass on a bubble screen and Christopher Kaldrovics extra point gave Middletown South a 21-20 lead with 4:08 left in the third quarter. That was Middletown South's only lead of the night.

Sayreville led 14-7 at the half on a DeMild to Carter 33-yard TD pass and a DeMild 1-yard dive with 17.6 seconds left in the first half. DeMild's TD cam e after Middletown South had tied the game 7-7 on a Summey 6-yard run with 4:17 left in the half.

An Agrawal to Jake Krellin 32-yard TD pass tied it 14-14. Sayeville regained the lead 20-14 on a 36-yard DeMild to Floyd TD pass.

Key play: DeMild's 85-yard TD pass to Carter on a second-and-13 gave Sayreville the lead for good at 35-28 with 6:36 left.

Offensive game ball: DeMild, who threw for 345 yards and four TDs and ran for a TD.

Defensive game ball: Behr Tristan, who had consecutive sacks on the game's first series after Agrawal ran for 53 yards to the Sayreville 15 on the first play of the game.

Up next: Sayreville will meet Middletown North (8-2) in two weeks in the North II Group IV championship game. Middletown South will be at Middletown North on Thanksgiving Day in a game in which it can clinch the outright Class B North championship with a win.

Steven Falk: 732-643-4267; sfalk@gannettnj.com

Middletown North blanks Summit in N2G4 semis, reaches sectional final for first time since 1996

by WoodbridgeFootball.com / MyCentralJersey.com / NJ.com on 11/19/16

By Joe Zedalis | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com 
on November 18, 2016 9:55 PM, updated November 18, 2016 10:21 PM

MIDDLETOWN – Middletown North was balanced on offense and relentless on defense Friday night and the second-seeded Lions (8-2) advanced to the North 2, Group 4 finals with a dominating 20-0 victory over third-seeded Summit.

Middletown North will play Sayreville, which ousted defending sectional champ Middletown South on Friday night, in the sectional final. North will be making its first sectional final appearance since 1996.

It was the fourth straight victory for Middletown North, which looks to end a 16-game losing streak to Middletown South on Thanksgiving Day.

The Middletown North offense was at its mix-and-match best. The Lions had 194 yards rushing and 240 yards passing.

Middletown North received a pair of field goals from Joey Cavanagh, a rare touchdown from a yard out by quarterback Donald Glenn and a five-yard scoring jaunt from Dwight Wilkerson on a jet sweep.

The Middletown North defense was equally impressive. It limited a potent Summit ground game to 96 yards – 24 in the second half. The Lion defense forced and recovered a fumble at its own eight yard line in the second quarter and picked off a pass in the end zone to keep the Hilltoppers off the scoreboard.

North scored on its first possession when Cavanagh converted from 23 yards out.

Wilkerson (6 carries, 46 yards) scored with 4:08 left in the first half for a 10-0 lead.

In the third quarter Glenn (17 for 27) capped a 13-play, 80-yard drive with a TD run on a naked bootleg to make it 17-0.

Then Cavanagh connected from 25 yards out to complete the scoring.

Connor Welsh, who looked in top form after missing most of the season with a broken arm, led Middletown North with 105 yards 15 carries.

Summit finished the season 8-3.

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(G1) - Home - GMC White Division Game
Friday, September 8, 2017  7pm
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